Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Frank Cubillos creative process

"The collaborative process is unique and I enjoyed it very much. Firstly, I had to play
off of Jair's beautiful photo. I then sketched some drawings in pen and ink, combing
sketches. Once I selected the sketches, I scanned them into the computer and placed onto
Jair's photo. The art was then output onto canvas and I painted on top of the sketches
using posca pens."

-Frank Cubillos

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kind words from the best!

Jazzy Way got some super kind words from one of the best graphic designers.
Mr. Marcelus Viana is the Creative Director of Grupo Sal, a media company that produces the best of propaganda and design for big companies and more.

"Um Blog porreta que registra o processo criativo da turma que faz arte com sal na sobrancelha. Mais uma idéia simples e bem feita." - Marcelus Viana

"A damn good blog, that shows the creative process of a crew that makes art with the "salt on their eyebrows". A simple and well done idea." - Marcelus Viana

Go check their blog. It´s in portuguese, but the good vibe don´t need translations.

Thanks Marcelus and Grupo Sal crew!